SMS loan – who grants it

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Instant message by phone

Instant message by phone

The phone is one of those devices without which we do not leave the house. We will especially appreciate the attachment to this gadget when we suddenly find ourselves in a situation that requires us to raise funds quickly. Then the phone will be our ally, because it will allow you to apply for additional cash with a short message. The whole procedure is limited to entering the appropriate content and sending it to the number designated by the lender. The same path usually comes with a decision confirming the award of the undertaking or informing about its rejection.

Phone loan for regular customers only

Applying for a loan in the form of an SMS is usually a service available only to regular customers, i.e. people who have repaid at least one loan on time. This is due to the fact that the lender already has in its database the most important data about the borrower (including the number of the personal account to which the money is transferred), therefore it is unnecessary to complete the online application again. It is necessary to send a message from the number provided when submitting the first application.

SMS with the text SEFA

Applying for a micro loan by SMS is made possible by the Cash Register Maker. A correctly submitted loan application up to PLN 2,000 for 60 days (payable in two installments) requires sending the message SEFA (loan amount) (loan period) PESEL number to 7043. For example, if you need PLN 1000 and you want a month to giving the amount due, then you send a message SEFA 1000 30 82021004220. SMS costs 0.62 gross. The company ensures that the decision to grant or refuse an undertaking will be made within 15 minutes. After accepting the application, the money should appear on your account within an hour.

ViaTEXT by phone

A loan by SMS in the amount from 100 to even 3000 PLN is also available in the ViaSMS offer. The application should be sent to the number 71200. The content should include the desired amount and repayment period.

Smart Loan by SMS

Smart Loan by SMS

The submission of an application ViaTEXT in Smart Loan looks a bit different. The service is available to both regular and new customers. In the case of people applying for a loan for the first time, you must first register on the company’s website, and then send an SMS with the text RENT (space) PESEL (space) Loan amount (space) Number of days to number 517 186 109 (payment according to operator’s tariff). For example, when you need PLN 400 for 20 days, you should send a message I SAVE 75010704535 400 20. In response we will receive an SMS with the Application Code, which must be sent again to the number 517 186 109 (content I CONFIRM (space) Application Code).

SMS Loan – from the first loan by phone

The first loan ViaTEXT is also available in SMSKredyt. To apply for an amount of PLN 200-800 (repayment period of 15 or 30 days) or a multi-installment loan of PLN 200-10,000 (for a period of 2 to 36 months), please send a message saying I AM POSITION amount PESEL ID number to the number 799 448 077. Then we wait for a phone call from a consultant who will ask for the data necessary to carry out the verification process.